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About Us

After producing a number of indie films and having to take care of post production for those projects himself, Luis Sinibaldi decided that it was time to take his studio to a higher level.

In early 2020 Luis searched for a consultant to help with what was to become a small dubbing stage. After finding the world renowned acoustic consultant, Philip Newell, the pandemic hit. It became clear that a dubbing stage might not be as viable as a more versatile studio where more than just re-recording could be achieved. Hence, Acoustical Garden was conceived as a place where a multitude of tasks could be performed with the upmost attention to quality. Together with Mr. Newell, they designed the studio to be able to handle most if not all tasks of audio recording and mixing, but also make it a place where video elements could be finalized.

The results speak for themselves. Acoustical Garden is a boutique studio where sound and video quality are the most important aspects of the design and space. We invite you to come and experience how Acoustical Garden can help your projects achieve that professional touch.

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