ACDA-10 Absorbers

The Superiority Of Diaphragmatic Absorption

You can have some of the best equipment in the world and still miss out on the emotional connection you want to have with your projects. The most important aspect of Audio is being able to listen and record exactly what the instrument or performer is creating. This is where diaphragmatic absorption is very important. Why? Because diaphragmatic absorption is the most powerful absorption technology available.

Recording studios all around the world have proven that if you want great music, you have to start with diaphragmatic absorption. After years of making the best in the industry sound amazing, it’s still the best way to create music! And no absorber does this better than the ACDA-10.

How The ACDA-10 Works

In short, when you have one of these units in your recording studio, sound energy strikes the walls of the cabinet and the activated carbon in the cabinet. Then some of the energy leaves the cabinet. But, of course, it’s a little more complicated than that.

Low frequency waves are long. They have lots of energy. Because of that, it takes a lot for them to get slowed down. A standard diaphragmatic absorber only uses one wall to slow down those sound waves. But Acoustic Fields uses two! When sound energy strikes the ACDA-10, it has to go through two different walls. It gets slowed down going through wall number one and even more slowed down going through wall number two.

The activated carbon diaphragmatic absorbers target low frequencies in the 30 Hz. to 200 Hz range. However, it can also be effective at middle and high frequencies. All you have to do is apply our acoustic foam, mini-diffusers, or both to the face of the cabinet. This will allow you to tackle frequencies up to 6,500 Hz.!

With this simple modification, the ACDA-10 will become a low frequency absorber, mid frequency absorber, and high frequency absorber all in one! You’ll get broadband linear absorption from 30 Hz. to 6,500 Hz. You won’t find such a broad absorption range with any other technology on the market.

Why Activated Carbon Works

After the energy passes through both walls and enters the inside of the cabinet, it will come into contact with the activated carbon. The fact that we use activated carbon in these absorbers is so important! Other cabinets are filled with building material or mineral fiber, we use high-porosity carbon.

Carbon has a very high level and rate of absorption. Every gram of activated carbon has 2,000 square meters of surface area! That’s significantly bigger than alternative materials. Each of these units contains 65 pounds of carbon!

The result of using this product is a smoother frequency response curve. Just like with our other cutting-edge technologies, the ACDA-10 is tested by the Riverbank Acoustical Labs, the most trusted name in acoustical testing.

How This Technology Makes Your Life Easier

Unlike other technologies, the ACDA-10 offers you flexibility that makes your job easier. It’s a move-able unit you can wheel around your listening room and control room.

The ACDA-10 also simplifies mixing. You’ll never have to second guess what you’re hearing on a recording again because the Low Frequencies will be controlled, but also the rest of the spectrum!

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