All Audio Services are provided with or without Audio Engineers. If you are bringing your own Engineer or are doing the work yourself, we'll be happy to show you around and get you started with an orientation period so you know where you can find everything. But rest assured that if you need someone to be doing the work, we do have a great friendly group of staff that can take care of all the heavy lifting so that you can concentrate on the creative side.

For Video Services, the same applies. We work with some great Editors and Colorist. So whether you are needing help with TV long form, Commercial, or Feature Film projects, we can pair you with the right person for the job. Just let us know what  you need.


Our Live Room is design to be able to track from a single person to an entire band, and our interfaces can handle up to 24 inputs. Whether these are microphones or instruments is up to you.

Additionally, our walls and ceilings have been treated with Tectum Panels which do a terrific job of handling a broad spectrum of audio frequencies and avoid the usual Mid to High frequency absorption found in other studios, which leave the Bass frequencies to muddy the lows.

Furthermore, we have added (8) ACDA-10 Studio Absorbers from Acoustic Fields (with active carbon technology) to further aid in the absobtion of Low frequencies. We fell confident that with the Tectum panels in combination with the ACDA-10 units your recordings will have very tight Bass and wonderfully clear Mids and Highs.

On the microphone side, we acquired an incredibly accurate unit from Sanken. The CU-44X MK II is a perfect mic wherever you put it. It features an extremely accurate dual-capsule design for incredible low end and fast transients at the top delivering an overall sound that absolutely does justice to any artistic performance. From Vocals, to String and Wind instruments, to Precussion, to Bass and even Piano, this is an outstanding mic that you can totally rely on even in the most demanding and critical situations.

We also have an EDGE DUO modeling microphone which not only sounds terrific on it's own, but combined with our Orion Studio Synergy Core interface, it is able to emulate up to 18 of the most classic and expensive microphones. You'll have access to the sound characteristics of such classics as the Neumann U47 fet, U47 Tube, 49, 68, 87, M251, Shure SM7B, Coles 4038, Royer 121R, Sony 800T, AKG C12, and AKG C414 to name a few.

We also carry a lot more microphones in our locker, but these are the top dogs. Should you need anything specific, we can always arrange to have it on hand for your use.


For Mixing, our control room has been specifically tuned to make sure you are hearing what the speakers are outputting as opposed to room abnormalities. This has been achieved by a combination of Tectum Panels, ACDA-10 Studio Absorbers and Diffusers.

As for monitoring, we have a very versatile surround monitor controller which will let you choose between stereo mix (on Barefoot Footprint 01 Monitors), or 5.1 Surround Mix (on JBL 7 Series Reference Monitors) and also on a couple of MixCubes for checking on the Mid Frequencies.

When it comes to controlling your DAW, we have an ICon QCon Pro G2 controller with an EX extender unit for a total of 16 Fades. We are also the creators of a new FX Midi Controller named E24 from our sister company SiniCon, and we are very excited to introduce it to our clients. With it, you'll be able to dial in all your FX parameters as needed without having to look at the screen. You can finally focus on the sound.


When it comes to Automatic Dialogue Replacement, we have everything you need to get professional results quickly. Most studios will have a sound booth for ADR, but most experts agree that although they provide a good quiet area to record, they compromise the audio because the booths are too small. They also can become claustrophobic for talent. It's always best to record dialogue in a larger room. The difficulty is that getting a larger room to have enough isolation and acoustical treatment is more expensive than a smaller booth. But this is not a problem in our Live Room. The space was design to be more neutral than most Live Rooms for this very purpose. When the room needs to reflect more energy, we can introduce movable treatment to achieve it, but for Dialogue, it is perfect as it is.

Say goodbye to small booths and hello to a large space where your talent will get the chance to actually act out their delivery. It is our experience that this results in much better ADR.

We also specific microphones for ADR: we carry a Sanken CS-3e to match a boom, a Schoeps CMC641 for matching interiors, and finally a wired Sanken Cos-11d Omni to match a lavalier.

Foley & Sound FX

Recording Foley and Sound FXs is very similar to ADR with the exception that it requires more space and more isolation. For this very reason we spent a lot of money an effort into getting the isolation to a level that would be perfect for recording Foley and Sound FXs. Our floors are conveniently made of concrete so there is no problem with bringing the required props and materials to record these sounds.

We also provide an assortment of microphones for Foley and Sound FXs: we carry a Sanken CS-3e for mono, a  Sanken CSS-5 for capturing Stereo, a Holophone H4 Super MINI for capturing 5.1 Surround, a Schoeps CMC641 for matching interiors, and finally a wired Sanken Cos 11 to match lavaliers. These can all be set up at the same time to make sure you capture the proper sound to match your production.

Video Editing

When it comes to Video Editing, what's under the hood matters. This is why we spent a great deal to upgrade our system to a top of the line 12 Core i9-7920x CPU and 64 GB or Ram. We outfitted it with an AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT with 8GB or ram. We also have internal SSD drives capable of sequential Read/Write speeds of 562 MB/s and 532 MB/s respectively. We are also adding a Network Attached Storage which will have 10Gbe connections so that you may also be able to edit from this file server. The setup is impressive and the workstation is a beast.

As for Software, you'll have the option to work on Window 10 or Mac OS. As for editing suites, we have Adobe Suite, and Davinci Resolve.

Take advantage of our UltraWide 5k2k monitor so you can fit more on the screen, and also our 4K Epson projector which is one of the first commecially available projectors capable of displaying the full three-dimensional DCI-P3 color space. But we'll also provide a 21" monitor that is color calibrated to show full Rec 709 as well as DCI-P3.

If you require an Editor, please feel free to contact us. We work with some of the most sought after editor in the industry. From TV Commercials to Feature Editors. 

Color Correcting

For Color Correcting most of the items on the Video Editing segment above apply. You'll be working with a very powerful computer and have access to multiple monitors with color calibrated screens. You'll also be able to grade in Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve.

On top of all that, we will setup a set of Tangent Element Panels (TK, BT, KB) so that you may speed through your color grading.

As with our other services, if you do not want to be doing the actual work, please ask about our House Engineers. We have a couple of excellent Colorists who can work with you to help you achieve the best Cinematic results possible.

Podcast & YouTube

If you are looking to create a Podcast or Film a YouTube Video and want to step up your production value, you can record or film it at our studio. You'll immediately bump up the audio quality as well as the visual look of your productions. We do have some film gear you may use for the production including cameras and lights, but you are welcome to bring  your own if it's something you are more familiar with.

As for help, we have a large network of Indie Filmmakers who can come and help with your production. Just let us know what you need and we can make it happen. Start creating your content and get ready to see your subscribers and income stream grow.


We are here to help. So, if you need a place to film, or set up a meeting, or event, please let us know if our facility may meet your needs. We are very friendly and want to make sure we listen to our clients and their needs. If we can, we will do our best to provide any service or assistance you may need. Get in touch with us.

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