When it comes to making decisions about sound the two most important things to consider are your room and your studio monitors. It is for this reason that we selected some of the best reference monitors around, but also why we have more than one set. From the famous JBL 7 series to the Barefoot Footprint 01s and to check the Middle Frequencies, the MixCubes.

JBL 7 Series 5.1 Surround

Found in some of the most prestigious Surround Mixing Rooms in the world. The JBL 7 Series Reference Monitors are just that, a true REFERENCE speaker. Monitors that are able to reproduce the audio inside your DAW with a true to life accuracy seldom achieved. Although these are set up in a surround setup, they can also be mixed down to Stereo and be checked against the Barefoot Footprint 01s or the MixCubes.

Barefoot Footprint 01

Barefoot Sound has become the leading manufacturer of pro audio recording monitors. Barefoot’s innovative speaker designs have been embraced by the biggest recording studios, recording artists and producers in the world. These professionals have chosen Barefoot as the tools they use to make the music you hear on the radio, television and movies everyday. Barefoot is proud to boast the reputation as the most respected brand in the recording industry. And the Footprint 01 are exemplary of this well earned reputation.

TOA MixCubes 22-ME-AV

MixCubes have been around for quite some time now and are an effective tool for engineers to focus on the Mid Frequencies. These TOA Electric Co. made in Japan are no different. They are excellent for checking the mids and getting your mix balanced in what is one of the most important areas of the spectrum.

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